Good news .. guess what ??





I am at school now

during 15 mins break ><

quite crazy huh?? perhaps I dont have time at all this weekend

at the end of this month, half of the classes will be ended

so... it is time for exam and paper !!

to be honest... I am sooooo lazy !!

esp. these days, the weather is so friendly, haha

I didnt talk about sunshine, I mean rain

so good to sleep ~~~~~


however, I didnt spend all my time for sleep,... that is not me

I am addiced to the books ... gosh


that Gossip girl that I ordered from Thailand last week.. finally it is delivered

there are 5 books. I have finished 4 books so far

that is why I didnt update diary



oh, good news

my camera is found !!!!

I left it it Nara

I am so lucky that Japanese is so honest

the shop owner will send it to me today


I am soooo relieved I didnt lose any stuffs teru bought for me again !!





oh,... smell of summer ~~~~

Good news guess what



miss you everyone

I can wait to tell me about my trip :)



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Good news .. guess what ??
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Thu 5 Jun 2008 20:27 [2]

time to go back to reality ~~~

Thu 5 Jun 2008 12:48 [1]

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