AOI matsuri '08 *




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Aoi Matsuri

May 15, 2008


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AOI matsuri 08



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AOI matsuri 08



ԧ "AOI" ѹդҧФ

տҡ ѹԢͧ Aoi Ҩҡ AOI matsuri ¶֧骹Դ˹觤

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AOI matsuri 08



ǹ costume ѹСõ

AOI matsuri 08



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AOI matsuri 08



Ẻ ҡǹ¤ ^^

AOI matsuri 08




AOI matsuri 08




AOI matsuri 08


غ͡ ¹ ءѺͺ㹧ҹ Aoi matsuri Ҵ

ͧ觵 ˹Ẻ غ͡ ͹ Թ ҷ 55++

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ͧҡ çǹ մջСͺ

ҹȡŹ áѹͧͧ royal family

ҤԴ ѹ͹ԧ ¹ !!


Ũҡ wikipidia ͡

Aoi Matsuri (Hollyhock Leaf Crest Festival)

The Aoi Matsuri (葵祭?) is celebrated on May 15 

and is one of the three main annual festival held in Kyoto, Japan.

Aoi Matsuri dates back to the 7th century.

It became very popular in the Middle ages, as a festival to top all others.

During the festival, emissaries leave the Kyoto Imperial Palace

and proceed to Shimogamo Shrine (下鴨神社 Shimo-gamo-jinja)

 and then to Kamigamo Shrine (上賀茂神社 Kami-gamo-jinja),

two shrines in the north of the city. Participants wear costumes of the Heian period.

The Aoi Matsuri is less a festival and more a spectator event.

There are a few competitions of Horseback archery and other historical pastimes.

Many men with swords and bows walk around, acting as security.

A famous scene in the Tale of Genji takes place during the Aoi Matsuri.





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AOI matsuri 08


ͺ ͧǹ֧ҹ价

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ҷԵ쵡 ҹ͹ ˹ҫҡ

AOI matsuri 08


ѹ ͹ԧ CK ͹ͧ ա Ҵ

µ͹Ѻ¾仡Թ Tabehodai (Թ)

˹ҷ ͡ 仡Թ ҡԪҺ١Ѻ

令á Ѻ͹ Ф

ҹ պԡ÷ ءҡ/ ءҺ/ Һ٪Һ/ ҡԪҺ

Ҥҡᾧ 2,000 ¹ҹͧ ^^




AOI matsuri 08



٫ ءҺ ˹ҵѧ

AOI matsuri 08



ᢡ ͹ (Թ)

AOI matsuri 08



ѹ ¹ Ҩ᤹ ¹˹Ҥ ʺԺ

ͧҹ˹ѧФ ׹

ͺ !!





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